Brown Treated Wood from Northern Crossarm is the rich, prefinished lumber product for contractors, architects, developers, homebuilders & DIY.

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KDAT Brown Treated Wood

KDAT Brown Treated Wood features a rich, brown finish that not only looks great, but performs exceptionally well thanks to our pressure treating process. By Kiln Drying After Treatment, we’re able to improve both the performance and stability of pressure-treated wood.

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“we’ve tested the water with brown kDAT treated wood and quickly learned that customers love the benefit of purchasing a finished product.”

Kevin Anderson, Branch Manger, Lyman Lumber – Eau Claire, WI

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Brown Treated Wood FAQ

Common Questions About Brown Treated Wood

Watch this short, 1-minute video about the 6 benefits of brown treated wood.

Northern Crossarm Company products brown treated wood products in all dimensional sizes. They are available in green (natural) wet, finished with a rich brown (wet), or as a KDAT (kiln dried after treatment) finished with brown coloring (dry).

We offer both options of brown treated (wet) and KDAT (brown). The exception is that our posts (4x4s, 6x6s), 5/4 patio decking, T1-11 shed siding, WP4 Tongue & Groove – all of these products are coated with a rich brown finish, but are not Kiln Dried After Treatment.

To find your nearest brown treated wood dealer or retail location, please give us a call at 715-723-4100, or send us an email with your name and zip code to

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The Ultimate Guide to KDAT Lumber

Kiln Dried After Treatment (KDAT) wood is pressure treated lumber that’s been dried after the pressure treating process to deliver better resistance against warps, cups, twist and checks.

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