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KDAT Vs. Pressure Treated Wood

Kiln Dried After Treatment (KDAT) wood is pressure treated lumber that’s been dried after the pressure treating process to deliver better performance against warps, cups, twists and checks. Unlike most “green” or “wet” pressure treated wood, KDAT pressure treated wood can be painted or stained immediately.

Kiln Dried After Treatment, or KDAT is a process that removes excess moisture from lumber, minimizing the natural characteristics of wood to shrink, cup and warp. KDAT minimizes shrinkage and promotes stability in the system.  Kiln drying decreases the finished weight of the system 30% – 40% as compared to leaving it wet.

KDAT material is:

  • Lighter weight and easier to handle
  • More resistant to warps and twists
  • Easier to saw and plane
  • Improves the holding power of nails and screws

KDAT Photo Galleries

Looking for inspiration? Kiln Dried After Treatment (KDAT) wood is used for multiple applications. Our customers rely on Northern Crossarm’s KDAT wood for decks, fences, pergolas, bridges and more. Visit our photo gallery to see more examples of KDAT wood projects.