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KDAT Brown Treated Wood

KDAT Brown Treated Wood features a rich, brown finish that not only looks great, but performs exceptionally well thanks to our treating process. By Kiln Drying After Treatment, we’re able to improve both the performance and stability of pressure-treated wood.

Pre-Finished Without Having to Wait to Paint or Stain.

The finished product? A beautiful, treated piece of wood that’s lighter weight, easier to handle, easier to saw and plane while minimizing common characteristics like warps, cups, twists, checks, cracks, shrinks and swells.

Our KDAT Brown Treated Wood Benefits:

  • Lighter weight
  • Easier to handle to and from the jobsite
  • Reduced potential for shrink, cups, warps & checks
  • Increased deck frame stability
  • Easier to saw and plane

Brown Treated Wood Customer Testimonials

“We tested the water with Brown KDAT treated wood a few years back and quickly learned that customers loved the benefits of purchasing a finished product. The perceived value of a finished deck is much higher than the actual cost, meaning additional margin opportunity. Since that time, we’ve upgraded to Brown KDAT treated wood and have also expanded our product offering, eliminating some green treated items altogether!”

-Kevin Anderson, Branch Manager, Lyman Lumber – Eau Claire, WI

“Lamperts of Faribault is now in its fourth year of stocking Northern Crossarm’s Brown KDAT product line. Our builders had no problem with the additional cost of the products when they saw the benefits of the material: less weight and much less checking and cupping. The appearance of the brown stain is more appealing than the green when composite decking is going over treated joists. Northern Crossarm’s Brown KDAT product is still our best selling point.”

-David Albers, Lampert Lumber – Faribault, MN