KDAT Wood is the lighter, kiln dried after treatment lumber that construction and deckbuilding pros trust.

KDAT Wood from Northern Crossarm Company

Northern Crossarm’s KDAT Wood is lighter, easier to handle and is trusted by deck, construction and homebuilding pros for deckbuilding, fencing and pergolas. Since it’s kiln dried after treatment, KDAT wood is easier to handle, saw and plane – plus, it provides exceptional stability, since it’s dried for minimized cups, checks, twists and warp. KDAT Wood is pressure treated, dried and then finished in a rich brown color.

KDAT Wood Over Green Pressure Treated Wood

Wood is naturally porous, giving it the natural tendency to hold moisture – that makes wood ideal for saturating with protective chemicals during the pressure treating process. But, since wood holds water so well, that also means that as it dries, wood has the ability to cup, twist, warp, shrink and swell – that’s particularly true during wet and dry cycles.

Just like green pressure treated wood, Northern Crossarm’s KDAT Wood starts out green as its fully saturated with water and preservatives during the pressure treating process. As much of the preservative is left in the wood for protection, as the wood dries, water releases and causes checking, twists and cupping.

KDAT Wood is Kiln Dried After Treatment, which means we dry the wood after it’s been treated with chemical. Once the KDAT wood has been treated, we put it in large kilns to eliminate up to 80% of the excess moisture that’s typical of wet or green treated lumber. Once the wood is dry, you’re left with a more stable product that performs extremely well for decking substructure, decking, pergolas and fencing.

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KDAT Wood is Pre-Finished in Rich Brown

KDAT Wood from Northern Crossarm is pressure treated, dried and then comes pre-finished in a rich, brown color – this improves the finished look of the wood, and ensures that a homeowner doesn’t have to wait weeks or months to paint or stain their newly finished deck. Rather than wait, customers prefer the finished look, as it allows them to seal and protect their deck almost immediately.

But even before KDAT Wood is finished, Northern Crossarm removes as much excess moisture to get as close to 20% moisture content as possible. During the kiln dried after treatment process, we remove many of the common problems associated with that typical of green pressure treated lumber. Our KDAT wood is an excellent choice for deck builders, contractors and homeowners, as it’s less likely to cup, warp, twist or check in time.

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KDAT Wood for Brown Treated Decking

Why Choose KDAT Brown Treated Wood instead of “Wet” or “Green” treated lumber? The rich, finished brown wood that’s lighter, easier to handle, saw & plane. With minimized moisture content, you get a 100% finished, stable product with the added benefits of reduced warps, cups, twists, checks & cracks.

About Northern Crossarm Company

Northern Crossarm is the #1 KDAT Wood Treater in Wisconsin

Located in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, Northern Crossarm is the largest producer of KDAT Wood. In business since 1922, Northern Crossarm is a third-generation family company with 35 employees. Their flagship product, KDAT Wood coated in a rich brown finish, is available at over 300 locations East of the Rocky Mountains. They’ve grown from a one-man manufacturing company to a full-fledge operation that manufacturers and stocks millions of board feet of lumber annually.

Brown Pressure Treated Lumber From Northern Crossarm