KDAT Decking

KDAT Decking (Kiln Dried After Treatment) from Northern Crossarm Company boasts a rich brown finish and is dried after treatment, giving you the ability to paint or seal your deck immediately without the wait.

KDAT Decking from Northern Crossarm

KDAT Decking from Northern Crossarm (Northern KDAT Decking) is finished in a beautiful, rich brown with all of the stability-adding benefits of Kiln Dried After Treatment lumber.

Lighter, easier to handle, saw and plane, our KDAT Decking boasts a traditional radius edge profile to improve the look and performance of your deck, as seen in our KDAT Decking Photo Gallery. Featuring our own unique profile, KDAT Decking has a thicker, heftier 1-3/8” thickness which greatly improves stability and stress relief cuts to promote a flat surface and fewer deck problems normally associated with real wood decking.

KDAT Decking Vs. Wet or Green Treated Decking

KDAT Decking (unlike typical “green” or “wet” lumber), is still treated for weather-resistance. The big difference? Up to 80% of the moisture is removed during the kiln drying process, which minimizes wood’s natural tendencies to warp, twist, cup and shrink – for builders and homeowners – that means a quality, lasting piece of wood decking that installs and performs with exceptional durability and minimized chances of “moving” once installed.

Wood is porous. That makes it ideal for pressure treating. However, the added moisture from chemicals as well as the normal wetting and drying cycles combined, means that wood has tendencies to warp, cup, twist, crack, check, shrink and swell over time. With our KDAT Decking, we minimize those natural tendencies upfront through the drying process.

KDAT utilizes a process called Kiln Dried After Treatment – this process removes excess moisture from our KDAT decking normally introduced during the pressure treating process. Kiln Drying After Treatment helps to improve the performance and stability of our KDAT Wood.

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KDAT Decking Benefits - Pre-Finished in Rich Brown

KDAT Decking is dried, pressure-treated and finished in a rich brown color that looks and performs great upon application. Homeowners that prefer a real wood deck, often have to wait weeks or months to paint or stain. With our KDAT Decking, customers love the already “pre-finished” quality of KDAT Decking, so they can paint or seal the wood immediately right after the deck project is complete.

Aside from a pre-finish, KDAT Decking is kiln dried after treatment. We remove as close to 19% moisture as possible to reduce some of the biggest problems associated with traditional wet lumber. Those problems include things like minimized cups, warps, checks, and a faster drying time.

Northern KDAT Brown Treated Decking

Northern KDAT Brown Treated Decking

Why Choose KDAT Brown Treated wood instead of “Wet” or “Green” treated lumber? The rich, finished brown wood that’s lighter, easier to handle, saw & plane. With minimized moisture content, you get a 100% finished, stable product with the added benefits of reduced warps, cups, twists, checks & cracks.

About Northern Crossarm Company

Wisconsin's #1 Wood Treater of KDAT Decking

Wood is a porous material, which makes it ideal for the pressure treating process. Because it is porous, wood has a natural tendency to warp, cup, twist, crack, check, shrink and swell as it is exposed to wetting and drying cycles.

The pressure treating process fully saturates wood with preservatives and water. While the preservative is left in the wood for protection, the water is released as the wood naturally dries, bringing out these natural characteristics.

Kiln Dried After Treatment, “KDAT” is a process that removes this excess moisture from wood introduced by the treating process. Kiln drying after treatment helps to improve the performance and stability of pressure-treated wood.

Brown Treated Decking From Northern Crossarm