What is the KDAT Difference – The Brown, Pressure Treated Wood

Kiln Dried After Treatment (KDAT) lumber from Northern Crossarm has minimized moisture, and is pre-finished in rich brown, making a wood that’s lighter, easier to handle with the beautiful look and performance of real wood. It’s a stable product with the extra benefits of reduced warps, cups, twist, checks & cracks common in green or wet treated lumber. What that means? You get all of the protective, rot-resistant benefits of pressure treated wood but with added stability and even drying for improved performance. 


KDAT BROWN Treated Wood

KDAT Brown Treated Wood features a rich, brown finish that not only looks great, but performs exceptionally well thanks to our treating process. By kiln drying after treatment, we’re able to improve both the performance and stability of pressure-treated wood. The finished product is lighter, easier to cut, saw and plane. Plus, it’s browned after treatment, there’s no need for the homeowner to wait for painting or staining. 

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About Northern Crossarm

When Joseph Bischel founded Northern Crossarm Co. Inc. in 1922, it is doubtful he ever expected his company to grow from a one-man manufacturing firm into one of the leading wood treating companies in the Great Lake States area. Today, Joe Bischel’s company is owned and operated by his grandson Pat Bischel.  The principles founded by Joseph Bischel in the mid 1920s of honest, hard work, integrity and willingness to serve are the cornerstone of the company’s foundation.  Together with the contributions of its dedicated employees, Northern Crossarm Company exemplifies what it means to be a leader in the industry.


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Kiln Dried After Treatment (KDAT) wood is pressure treated lumber that’s been dried after the pressure treating process to deliver better resistance against warps, cups, twist and checks…

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