Brown Treated Lumber

Brown Pressure Treated Wood from Northern Crossarm Company is beautifully finished in a rich, brown color without needing to be painted or stained. By Kiln Drying After Treatment, Northern Crossarm’s brown treated wood delivers improved performance and stability.

Rich, Brown Treated Lumber from Northern Crossarm

Brown Treated Lumber (Northern KDAT Brown) is lighter, easier to handle as well as saw and plane. Pre-finished in a rich brown, Northern Crossarm’s Brown Treated Lumber is unlike traditional wet or green treated lumber – after being pressure treated, it’s dried to minimize cups, twists, checks and warp for a finished look that’s more stable than standard pressure treated lumber.

Brown Treated Lumber Vs. “Wet” or “Green” Pressure Treated Wood

Wood is ideal for saturating with chemical in the pressure treated process. Since wood is porous, it has the natural tendency to hold moisture. Unfortunately, that also means it has the natural ability to cup, warp, twist, shrink and swell as it goes through normal wet or drying cycles.

Northern Crossarm’s brown treated lumber becomes fully saturated with water and preservatives during the pressure treating process. Once the protective preservative is left in the wood, as the brown wood naturally dries, the water releases and creates those natural characteristics.

Brown Treated Lumber is (KDAT) Kiln Dried After Treatment. Northern Crossarm puts all of the newly pressure treated wood in large kilns to remove the excess moisture from wood. Because we kiln dry after treatment, we’re able to improve both the stability and performance of our top-selling brown treated lumber.

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Our Brown Treated Lumber is Pre-Finished

Nobody wants to wait weeks or months to paint or stain. Northern Crossarm’s Brown Treated Lumber is pressure treated, dried and pre-finished in a rich brown color that gives it a great look with improved performance. Rather than wait, customers that rely on the rich, pre-finished KDAT Brown Treated Lumber can seal their wood immediately.

Not only does it have a pre-finished look, but Brown treated lumber from Northern Crossarm removes as close to 19% moisture content during the kiln dried after treatment process. By drying the wood after it’s been treated, we reduce may of the common headaches associated with typical green lumber. Our brown treated lumber is a great choice for contractors, as it gives them an option less likely to cup, warp, cup or check in time.

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Northern KDAT Brown Treated Lumber

Why Choose KDAT Brown Treated Lumber instead of regular, heavy, green or wet treated wood? Brown Treated Lumber from Northern Crossarm is lighter, much easier to handle, saw and plane. Plus, it has minimal moisture content (as much as 19% or lower), to help reduce or minimize wood’s natural characteristics like warping, cupping, twisting, checking and cracking.

About Northern Crossarm Company

Wisconsin's #1 Wood Treater of Brown Pressure Treated Wood

Wood is a porous material, which makes it ideal for the pressure treating process. Because it is porous, wood has a natural tendency to warp, cup, twist, crack, check, shrink and swell as it is exposed to wetting and drying cycles.

The pressure treating process fully saturates wood with preservatives and water. While the preservative is left in the wood for protection, the water is released as the wood naturally dries, bringing out these natural characteristics.

Kiln Dried After Treatment, “KDAT” is a process that removes this excess moisture from wood introduced by the treating process. Kiln drying after treatment helps to improve the performance and stability of pressure-treated wood.

Brown Pressure Treated Wood From Northern Crossarm